Top Five Benefits Of Having A Fish Finder

By Peggy Perry / February 10, 2018

Considering we live in a modern ear, there is nothing out of touch. Now we have access to almost anything and all aspects our lives have been facilitated. So, same goes for fishing. With the invention of fish finders, fishing got a new dimension. Fish finder is an excellent electronic device that helps you locate the fish quickly. Even though some people say this unit takes away the joy of fishing, still many fishermen support this technology, and they are looking forward to using it. If you are still not sure whether to buy a fish finder or not, then there are some reasons why you should make a purchase.

It will help you find a location

A lot of fishermen are struggling to find a right spot for fishing, and they spend hours in one position, but without success. Fortunately, with the help of fish finder, thing become a bit easier. Just imagine, sitting in your boat and searching for fish on your big screen. Again, depending on your preferences, this can be a costly investment. But, without this unit, it becomes very challenging to determine the presence of the fish underwater.

Guessing the number of fish

A fish finder gives fishermen an opportunity to assume the number of fishes in a school, and this is a necessary data. It means you won’t be wasting your time I one place, hoping to catch a lot of fish. If fishing is your hobby, then fish finder is a necessity. It can tell you a lot of things and save from vesting time. On a screen of every fish finder, you can count the number of fish, and if the amount is small, you can always change the location and look for a better spot.

Assuming the size

Many fishermen get excited when they have to guess the size of the fish they see on the screen. Considering fishing is your hobby, then you know what we are talking about are. In densely populated areas, many fishermen compete who will catch a bigger fish. But, having a fish finder is a significant advantage because it let you see the size of the fish you are planning to catch and it can help you target bigger fish.

Calculate depth

A various types fish live in different depths, and it’s essential to determine a depth before you cast a bait. Once you know the depth, you can easily drop the bait at the right location, regardless if you are fishing in deep waters or lake and river.  Also, a fish finder can help you calculate the speed of waves with the use of GPS. In this way, you can avoid any hassle during fishing.

Affordable price

We already mentioned that these units don’t come cheap. But, if you aren’t a pro, then you need an expensive fish finder to find fish. It’s enough to have a split screen and GPS, and you can find great deals online.

Top Studies Show Seafood Can Be a Lifesaver

By Peggy Perry / January 31, 2018

Many researchers have proved that seafood can be a lifesaver and prevent many harmful diseases. There are a lot of benefits regarding seafood, it has a small number of calories, it reaches in omega-3 fatty acids and proteins, and it’s perfect for people who are trying to balance their diet. Seafood can prevent heart disease, diabetes, stroke and chronic diseases that can cause premature death. For years scientists have been researching the benefits of seafood and here are some studies that can help you understand the importance of seafood.

The most influential studies

Prevent Chronic Disease with Seafood – this research was published in Journal or the American Medical Association. One of the main health problems Americans are experiencing is heart diseases, diabetes, and stroke. Due to poor food habits, 45% of Americans die from previously mentioned conditions and 8% is linked to lack of seafood in the diet.

Improve Quality of Diet with Seafood, Boost Life Expectancy – Japanese have the longest life expectancy in the world, and that’s because their diet is rich in seafood. A Harvard study released in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded that people who eat more fish might significantly reduce the risks of premature death. The authors of this study found that fish is the best choice among all seafood and it shows the best improvement in prolonging the life.

Diets in Low in Fish Raise Risk of Early Death – this is still ongoing research, but a study published in The Lancet found that lack of fish and seafood in the diet causes one in five deaths around the world.

New studies in 2017

Even though previously mentioned studies have shown how seafood is essential for our health and can improve the lifespan, but new research in 2017 revealed some further details regarding health conditions. People need to understand that diet is a primary factor in preventing many diseases and sometimes even drugs can’t help. So, let’s look at research conducted and published in 2017.

Eat Seafood to Boost your Mood – nowadays, when we are under a lot of stress, we need something to improve your mood and food can be one of the solutions. This study was published in BMC Medicine journal, and authors discovered that proteins found in seafood could help people combat depression.

Eat Seafood to Prevent Asthma – this condition is widespread with children, but there are ways how you can prevent it. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology released a study that found that high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which we have in fish, can help children fight asthma and reduce risks. In this case, parents should get familiar with alternative ways and not only rely on medicines.

Eat Seafood while Pregnant to Improve your Infants Health – a study which has been published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology found that pregnant women who eat fish, we more likely to experience healthy birth and babies were strong and resilient.


How To Find Fish With A Fish Finder?

By Peggy Perry / January 25, 2018

Gone are the days when fishermen had to wait for hours in boats to catch a fish. Now with the help of new technology, they can determine the precise location of the fish. But, sometimes, even heavy equipment can’t help them. Nowadays, fishermen lack one exceptional ability, and that’s curiosity and patience. Just because they have sonars and fishing equipment, they think catching a fish is an easy task. Here are some tips you should apply before you start this adventure.

Get to know your fish finder

Every fish finder comes with an instruction manual, so even if you aren’t familiar with this technology, you can read everything and learn quickly. But, instead of focusing on manuals, you should concentrate to the chart plotter. Small blips and dots on the screen mean a lot more than you can comprehend at this point. Fish likes to migrate, but when it finds a right spot, it tends to stick to it. In this way, you need to pinpoint where exactly those “dots” appeared and when was the last time you saw them.

The most effective way to accomplish this is to split the screen between the fish finder and a chart plotter, if your unity doesn’t support this option, then it’s time to upgrade. After all, these two systems are designed to work together, and they give you an ability to find recorder, using the GPS, even after you passed the location. So, if you hit a right spot, it doesn’t mean you have to stop immediately and run for the help, punch a Mob and record a location. But, if you have this system installed, you can go back later, or GPS will take.

Many people are against having all-in-one units; they are guided with a thought that if one fails you, they both go out of commission. This is true, but considering technologies nowadays, you don’t have an excuse of not having a GPS.


Once you learn how to use fish finder and chart plotter in coordination, it time to focus on zoom option. Zoom is a handy feature, and it can tell a lot about the bottom you are fishing over. On the other hand, when you are fishing in deep waters, then the bottom composition is not that important. The bottom of the river is always presented as a counter-intuitive on the screen. A hard bottom will be shown as a thin line, which soft like a thick line.


Are you still experiencing the bad results with fish finder? Are you not catching the fish? Well, maybe you should change the position of your transducer. If you have a transom-mount transducer, then you need to adjust its location, to have a clean flow. Otherwise, it will ruin your fishing experience. Or you can find some other model that won’t disturb the fish beneath you. If you apply these general specifications, we guarantee you will have a nice catch.

The Best Seafood You Should Try

By Peggy Perry / January 15, 2018

Everyone loves seafood, even people who are allergic to shellfish. In some parts of the world, seafood is expensive, while in others is cheap, it all depends on your geographic location. But, one thing is sure, you should eat seafood, regardless of the price. First of all, it has no calories, which is excellent for people who are trying to regulate their diet. Have you ever wondered how Asian people look so young and fit, it’s because they eat a lot of seafood? So, if never tried seafood before, then we have a couple of recommendations for you.


There are a variety of ways how you can eat shrimps, whether they are barbecued, boiled, broiled, or baked, shrimps are delicious. They are highly accessible, easy to eat; you can buy them frozen and make them at home. Sometimes you will have to pull off the hear or shell yourself to prepare them for a meal.

Oysters, Mussels, and Clams

Many people enjoy eating shellfish and generally speaking, the majority of shellfish is a good choice. Whether they are famed or wild, seafood improves the quality of water because of their short lifespan. But, this is a good thing because they don’t have a lot of change to caught some bacteria. You can make a variety of meal with Oysters, Mussels, and Clams and they are very delicious. You don’t have to worry about an environmental impact because they breed and grow fast.


You probably have heard about lobster because it’s served in many restaurants around the world. There are a lot of ways how you can prepare lobster, but if you want to have a fantastic experience, then you will head to a restaurant to try one. Unfortunately, the only con of this seafood is that lobster is very expensive. One interesting fact, in the past, American prisons used to serve lobster to inmates because its meat is considered to be low-quality and cheap. Of course, now the situation is reversed.


Crabs are a very popular meal across the world, and it is served in many restaurants. You can eat steamed crabs, lump crabs, whole crabs, crab legs, crab claws and so on. They are served hot and cold and even though, they can be a bit challenging to eat when you pull the meat from the crab, it feels like a real accomplishment. In this way, you need to be careful when you are eating crabs because it can destroy and bloody up your fingers.


Scallops are very delicious seafood, and you can sear or smoke them. Depending on the size, you can buy one big scallop or a bundle of small ones. Like a majority of seafood, scallops can also be found frozen. Regarding their shape, all scallops have around 100 small eyeballs, so if this is disgusting for you, then scallops are not for you. But, overall, they have a great taste, and many people enjoy eating them.

Four Ways To Use A Fish Finder And Catch A Fish

By Peggy Perry / January 5, 2018

Using a fish finder can help you a lot to locate and find a dish. It means you will spend less time on the water, but still have an excellent catch. You can just monitor the screen while enjoying a ride on your boat. On the other hand, some traditional fishermen avoid using a fish finder, because they think it will spoil this sport. But, if you are more competitive, then you should purchase this unit. So here are some ways on how you catch fish using a fish finder.

Read the manual

Every new unit comes with instruction manual, so it’s very easy to read and get familiar with its functions. On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget, you can buy used fish finder and find instructions online. Even though fish finder has many functions, everything is explained, and before using your unit, you should consult your fish finder and every time you have any question, consult a manual. Many manufacturing companies have a consulting page on their site. So, if you have any questions, you can always make an inquiry.

All fish finders have some necessary information, such as speed of the boat, current temperature, depth, and this data is placed at the top, left or right corner.

Read the display from left from right, or use down imaging mode

The majority of fish finders shows the most recent information from left to right. On the other hand, if your boat is stationary, the fish finder will display image from right to left, but you will only see one area. If you are using side imaging mode, then you should read the display from top to bottom. The top object on the screen will be your boat and everything down is what your boat has passed. The side imaging mode has a high frequency, and it means your image will be sharper.

Locate fish and map area

If you are looking for a small fish, then you should search for blobs and patches. When your fish finder is in sonar mode, blobs and small spots many indicate perch or bunker and little dots that appear on the screen can be small fish. On the other hand, if you are looking for a larger fish, you should look for arched shapes in sonar mode, but in side imaging mode, they will appear as large dots.

Identify terrain

The use of fish finder can help you identify the ground you are located. The thick line that appears at the bottom of your fish finder’s display shows the body of water you are on. If you see two lines appearing on the screen, it means you are floating on the soft bottom., most likely sand of mud. However, if you can’t see anything below the ticks line, then you are floating on the hard surface. You should also know how to zoom your unit, to get more details from your fish finder.

The Four Healthiest Fish To Eat

By Peggy Perry / December 25, 2017

You probably know that fish is right for your diet and that you should be eating it at least twice a week. This type of meal is a healthy source of proteins, oils, and omega-3 fatty acids. If you haven’t had the experience with fish before and you want to try something new, then your choice is vast. There are many options out there, and fish can be pretty delicious if you know how to cook it. So, here are our top five fish you should try, and they are the healthiest on the planet.

Atlantic Mackerel

This type of fish is fast-growing species; it means it can repopulate quickly and it’s very easy for fishing. The gear fishermen use to catch this fish is non-invasive and not likely to cause any significant destruction. This is an ocean-friendly choice. Considering that Atlantic Mackerel is a strong-flavored fish, it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, contains a lot of proteins, and it’s paired well with boiled vegetables. You can find many recipes online on how to prepare Atlantic Mackerel. This is our number one choice, and you won’t be sorry if you try this fish.

Freshwater Coho Salmon

Freshwater Coho Salmon is the first and the only farmed salmon that has an excellent rating regarding sustainability. They are protected in fish farms, but the majority of farms use open nets, which means they bread salmon in the ocean, where they are easy infected with parasites, then had to be treated with antibiotics and can spread the disease to wild fish. This is one of the reasons why in Alaska is prohibited to keep salmon farms. On the other hand, now many farms use closed freshwater pens, to avoid adverse environmental impact. All types of salmon are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, and you can enjoy Coho grilled salmon with a toast and creamy avocado spread.

Sardines, Pacific

This tiny little fish has been on the menu for many years, and people love eating them. They are considered to be a superfood for many reasons. It contains more omega-3 fatty acid than any other fish, and it’s also one of rare fish that include high levels of vitamin D. Sardines are quick to reproduce, and you can eat them as much as you can. They are usually used to make salads, and you can mix sardines with onion, avocado, and lemon and get a great meal.

Salmon (wild-caught, from Alaska)

Salmon is one of the most popular fish in America, and you probably have seen videos and pictures online of how many fish return to spawn. The rivers od salmon flow every year, and it’s not only healthy for people, but also for wild animals that are inhabiting Alaska. Considering it’s caught in wild it’s far healthier than any fish grown in farms. So, if you are looking for the ways to balance your diet and make it healthy, then you should try this type of salmon.

Tips And Tricks To Prepare Seafood At Home

By Peggy Perry / December 15, 2017

Seafood is extremely healthy for our body, and we all love having a nice seafood meal at restaurants. But, if you want to challenge your culinary abilities and prepare seafood at home, then you need to follow particular instructions. Despite the contrary belief, seafood is very easy to make, you just have to be dedicated to this task. Usually, some tips and tricks can help you in this process, and we are going to show you how you can make a seafood meal at your home.

Always use fresh fish and seafood

Depending on your location, we know it’s not always possible to find fresh seafood, but, it’s the best way to experience this type of cousin. Fresh fish just tastes excellent, and it has more flavor than frozen one. Of course, you can always buy frozen fillets, which are cheaper, but you aren’t saving a lot of money, and you are skimping on quality. Add a couple of dollars more and get a fish from a local fish market. Keep in mind, that most seafood shouldn’t have a strong smell when it’s fresh. It will still have an aroma, but it’s a common this for this type of food.

Use the right cooking method

Even before you start preparing seafood or fish, you need to determine the proper cooking methods. Is it cooked, grilled, broiled or fried? Many people make mistakes here and end up ruin their ingredients, either meat falls apart, or it’s too raw. For example, grilling method is more appropriate for sturdier fish, like shark steak, or swordfish, on the other hand, if you are working with tender meat, it is best baked or gently sauced. You shouldn’t let your personal preferences ruin the food you are making, just follow the instructions.

Don’t overcook your food

When you are preparing seafood and fish, you need to pay attention to cooking time because even the most experienced chefs make this kind of mistake. You can always look online an average cooking time, or you can check your fish regularly. Keep in mind that seafood, especially tender fish will continue to cook even when you remove it from the heat. So, if you think that your meal is slightly underdone when you take it off the stove, don’t worry, just let it sit a couple of minutes and it will be ready for serving.

Add appropriate seasons

Each type of seafood and fish has its unique flavor and essence, and you don’t want to destroy that. Of course, some people want to mask that, adding too much garlic or tons of butter. But, if you’re going to keep an original taste and smell, you won’t go heavy with seasons.

Know how to fry deep

Deep fry requires a right temperature, and that’s between 350 and 375 degrees Fahrenheit. This heat will help your meat cook evenly, and you will avoid burning it, which is the last thing you want to do.